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Welcome to EquiTest, where you can compete at any Dressage Level, judged by a BD judge AND also receive a bespoke coaching feedback form; The EquiTest.

The online equestrian competition and development website where we focus on building a better partnership between you, your horse, and your coach to help you to achieve your goals.

This is what makes us unique.

The EquiTest helps you monitor your own progress through the dressage levels, and helps target rider factors which can improve your partnership with your horse, aiming to achieve your own goals; like mind set, an increase in knowledge, and personal growth, all in an organised manner which is tailored for you and your horse. 

Structured learning at your own pace using professional and holistic test riding analysis from your online video competition entries.

Compete online, anytime and anywhere in the world every month.

Simply register your free account, choose your class, pay and upload your video entry online today or anytime before entries close!

Fantastic prizes to be won every month.

Join the club and receive exclusive goodies and unrivalled access to training and development like you’ve never seen before.

Be part of something new and exciting for the horse world!

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