What is EquiTest?

EquiTest is not only a an opportunity to compete from the comfort of your own home but connects competition and training together, developing your own knowledge and transferring that knowledge to your own riding.

It has been created as a culmination of desire to provide inspiration, encouragement and somewhere for everyone to achieve their ridden goals.  

EquiTest has been created by Claire Marie Senior, who has over 30 years experience in the Dressage industry as a Coach, Judge and International Rider, formerly representing GB several times at FEIYR Level until 2001.  Currently British Dressage Accredited Coach UKCC Level 3 & BD Youth Coach & Assessor and BD List 2 Judge.

EquiTest has been designed to help riders develop an holistic approach to their Dressage Riding, Training and Competitions.  The aim is to help each rider development a harmonious partnership between you and your horse.  To gain knowledge, confidence and self belief in your own ability and being able to monitor each stage of progression.

It is full circle development of a rider and their horse, training at home, competing at your convenience, with linked up and accessible holistic coaching at your fingertips. 

Learning to be you at your best. Identifying what that means, discovering yourself so that you can develop in a way and timescale to be your best.

Why is EquiTest different?

EquiTest is the first website to combine training, competing and coaching online.

Being in that moment during a competition and receiving structured feedback and key pointers of what to work on and develop is crucial to your development as a team. With EquiTest you will receive personal and professional feedback on your riding when you compete which is then posted to you directly with your prizes if you are placed. 

There is then the opportunity for you to join the EquiTest Club which offers two types of membership. One for additional exclusive online access to training as well as a discount off your entries. Or our VIP membership where you sign up for our 12 month training and development programme. Find out how to join and the benefits of membership here.

What does EquiTest offer riders?

With EquiTest, you can compete anytime, anywhere in the world from the comfort of your own yard. It offers the convenience of a modern and innovative platform for all riders to compete on.

It is also ultra accessible for all horse and rider combinations. Everyone is welcome to compete and train with EquiTest.

It’s a place to learn, to grow and to reach goals.  

An opportunity for horse owners without transport or unable to travel to conventional equestrian events to be included.


Who is EquiTest for?

EquiTest is for everyone who can ride! If you have your own horse or horses, borrow one or ride at a riding school, everyone who has access to an arena space or marked area can compete and train with EquiTest online. You don’t have to have a school!

It’s not just about who’s got a ‘dressage’ horse, it’s about the rider who can ride with the most effectiveness with a correct position, influence and training. 

 We are different.

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