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So you have the horse, you have trained perhaps above the level at home to that which you are aiming to compete at – what makes the difference between taking part and being successful?


Answer: your mindset!


There is no doubt that going into competition with a good attitude will make a big difference.

You have to believe that you and your horse are ready and will do the best you can do.

So how do you get that “good attitude”?  This is where what you think and feel about effects how you act – and therefore the results you get.

Having a goal, and a plan is the first step.  This helps you to have focus and give attention to the detail required to make you successful.

Being resilient is another aspect of being successful – you have to be able to deal with pressure and also any setbacks that may happen.

Think in a positive way and keep your energy levels high.  Stop moaning or complaining this will drag you down, instead surround yourself with other positive, motivated people.

Mental imagery is a powerful tool and it’s easy to carry out. Make sure your thoughts are positive – always imagine things going well and don’t let any negativity creep in. You can use mental imagery as often as you want and anywhere you find yourself. This technique works for all disciplines and with riders of all levels and abilities. 

Remember, your horse picks up on your state so easily – it can seem as though your horse responds to your thoughts – so they have to be positive, confident and effective.

What makes a winner?


  • Ability to handle pressure
  • Commitment to a training regime and 
  • The skill of staying focused and maintaining concentration no matter what distractions arise
  • Someone who can remain confident and resilient in spite of setbacks


Act as if you are a winner!  Go out there with confidence!


Christine is a qualified coach and a licensed Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner.  She works with riders – away from the horse both individually and in group workshops to help them achieve their goals. Clients have been helped on a range of issues including confidence, self-belief, goal setting and goal achievement, performance, dealing with pressure, overcoming nerves and fear and generally having a better relationship with their horse.

To contact Christine call 07835918644 or email her at

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