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So since my last blog so much has happened. We are all being challenged in our strength and resolve but us horse riders have that in bucket fulls!

Before lock down me and Elliott went to several qualifying shows and gained all his points for the gold semi finals and premier league at Wellington and his FEI scores to be on the short list for GBR.

We also competed at the winter championships where Claire came to warm us up and try keep me sane!

How you warm up is really important to get the most from your horse in the arena. Each horse is different, so knowing your own warm up routine is important.

We also did our freestyle to music in front of an audience in an evening performance and was one of the most amazing moments of my riding career.

We had some amazing results but Elliott just didn’t feel his usual self and I knew we had more to offer!

So then come lock down.

My ultimate goal on Elliott is to wear top hat and tails. To train Elliott as a Welsh Section D and me as a para rider would be a dream come true. Claire has been helping us with the journey but we’ve had to hold back on the changes as there’s a lot of counter canter in my para tests.

So, I wasn’t going to let this virus stop my dreams.

I was going to use it to improve get better and stronger! This is where EquiTest comes in. We decided to use this time to concentrate on doing our first Advanced Medium test. I’m so excited to say that on my 40th birthday I completed my goal and rode my first Advanced Medium test and submitted it to EquiTest!

The feed back was amazing and gave me so much confidence. Elliott thrived on the challenge and really upped his game. By the time this is over I’m hoping EquiTest will have helped me get a step closer to my top hat and tail dream. ❤

There’s so much debate on whether we should be riding or not. I say be sensible, don’t do anything to put yourself in danger. Use your common sense. I personally have to ride for my physical and mental health, my horses health too, but I’m not hacking or doing pole work which for me is more dangerous.

Using a training and educational tool like EquiTest enables you to continue training and improving in a safer and controlled way.

So the answer isn’t as easy as you should or shouldn’t, it’s what you need to do in order to keep well and safe. Choose wisely.

Keep positive, keep setting goals and keep safe. ❤


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