Left & Right Canter Transitions

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Left & Right Canter Transitions 

So I asked you to watch the 2 videos on the EquiTest Facebook page which showed 2 canter transitions in a test, one to the left and one to the right.  I then asked you which would get the highest mark?

There was some really good, positive and constructive feedback from the participants which was really nice to see!

So here is my own feedback:

Canter Right Transition: 

1.British Dressage Judges Test Comments:

Obedient & Fluent trans, could be more engaged = 7.5 (Fairly Good to Good) 

2.The Equitest Feedback Sheet for the Rider:

The transition on the right rein was better, it was more fluent and clearly off your aids.  Next time if you can prepare a little earlier by trying sitting trot for a few strides to help improve the engagement and connection will be able to achieve even more balance, use of corner and quality. Try to keep your lower leg around the horse more and with softer hands to help achieve this.  A Good position and influence. = 8.5 (Super Work)


Canter Left Transition: 

1.British Dressage Judges Test Comments:

Some loss of suppleness and bending, losing fluency = 6.5 (Satisfactory to Fairly Good)

2.The Equitest Feedback Sheet for the Rider: 

This way didn’t look as easy.  You did a good job as you tried to prepare, he did come against you a little bit, which caused you to lose the bend around your leg.  This affected the balance and the fluency, as he was falling in. Next time ride with more inside leg to outside rein and allow more time to prepare. Well managed. = 7.5 (Good Job) 


If you’d Like to learn more helpful tips then watch our Tutorials on: 

  • Connection
  • Canter Transitions & Preparation
  • Lateral Suppleness

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