1. By Entering any of the classes with EquiTest you agree to accept and abide by all Rules and Terms & Conditions set out by
    2. Entry fees will not be refunded once an entry has been accepted.
    3. EquiTest reserves the right to refuse an entry without stating a reason.
    4. Entries Open: On the 1st Day of each month.
    5. Closing Date: The closing date for each competition is 22:00 hrs on the 28th of each month. After this time entries and videos cannot be accepted for the month in question and will automatically be included in the following months competition.
    6. Videos of tests must be filmed within the current month of the EquiTest competition.  We do not object to you using the same video to enter other classes or online competitions, so you can compare your results across channelsIf your video was filmed before this months competition, you can get a second opinion by entering our EquiTest Back In Time Class created specifically for this.  Filming of all tests can be from C or A.
    7. Any rider of 18 years of age and under must have parental permission to enter.
    8. EquiTest take no responsibility for any injury occurred to either horse or rider or any person / animal whilst recording their video entry.  You are riding at your own risk. Correct riding attire and appropriate protective wear MUST be worn for each relevant discipline.
    9. Copyright laws must be adhered to when submitting any video footage or photographs or printed material. EquiTest will not be liable for any costs incurred as a result of infringement of copyright laws by any competitor.
Rider Dress Code for all EquiTest Classes
  • Protective riding hats must be worn and up to current safety standards with a BSI Kite Mark in addition to the following standards;
    1. British – All PAS 015, European – VG1, EN1384 – 2017, American – SEI ASTM F1163 04a onwards and SNELL E2001 and E2016, Australian & New Zealand – AS/NZS 3838 2003 onwards. Must always be correctly fastened whilst mounted. Incorrect headgear will lead to elimination.
  • Suitable footwear designed for riding must be worn for safety reasons.  Short riding boots may be worn with gaiters or half chaps of any colour.  Fringed gaiters/chaps are allowed.
  • We recommend smart casual attire, but hacking/show jackets are optional.
  • Gloves can be worn.  Any colour is allowed.
  • Body protectors may be worn.
  • Spurs and a whip may also be used.
Horse Turnout:
  1. No need to plait.
  2. Any bit and running martingales are allowed.
  3. Side reins, draw reins, or any other similar training aids are forbidden.
  4. Bitless bridles are allowed.
  5. Neck straps or balancing straps (a loop on the front of the saddle) are permitted for all Classes.
  6. Ear covers and fly hoods are allowed but must not cover the horse’s eyes. Nose nets and fly masks are permitted.
  7. Any saddle permitted.
  8. Boots, bandages, overreach boots
  9. Anything you’re not sure about then just ask by emailing
Rules of the Competitions:
  • Judges decisions are final. No communication or discussion will be entered into by EQUITEST, any of its representatives or the judge involved. Any objection or appeal regarding a score must be made in writing within 24 hours of the test being judged and be accompanied by a non-refundable fee of £25.
  • Very rarely mistakes may be made with calculating percentages, please ensure we are notified by email within 24 hours of receipt of your test sheet and we will endeavour to rectify any errors.
  • Rosettes will be awarded 1st – 10th place overall for each class. If there are any equal placings then equal prizes will be given. Relevant leader boards will be updated according to sections laid out by EquiTest for Championship purposes.
  • Classes will be split according to number of entries as follows:
    1. 50 – 80 entries overall in any one class will be split randomly into 2 groups.
    2. 81 – 110 entries overall in any one class will be split randomly into 3 groups.
    3. IF classes are split –
      1. There will be 1st – 10th rosettes for all groups.
      2. There will only be ONE FIRST PRIZE, it will go to the highest score out of all first placed, but you will receive a surprise.
  • League points will be awarded by overall results regardless of which group you’re in for.
  • Subcategories will be awarded their own points league. Results will be issued on the Leader Board and prizes & Test Sheets will be posted within 4 days of Close of Entries.
  • Unfortunately, EquiTest cannot be held responsible for lost postage, lost prizes, or test sheets. No copies of tests are taken – There is an option to have your post sent. Recorded Delivery at an extra cost of £2.95 per package. Otherwise all entries will be sent 1st class Large Letter.
Series Points League & Championships Awards 2020

Throughout the year all results will be recorded and added to the Series Points League Table.  Subcategories will be awarded their own prizes at the end of the series such as Cobs, TB, Veterans, Juniors, Coloured, Native & more so watch the post.

In an event of a tie, the highest 3 scores throughout the year will be added together and averaged to determine placings.

EquiTest 2020 Titles:
  • The EquiTest Intro Level Champion 2020
  • The EquiTest Preliminary Level Champion 2020
  • The EquiTest Novice Level Champion 2020
  • The EquiTest Elementary Level Champion 2020
  • The EquiTest Medium / Adv Medium Level Champion 2020
  • The EquiTest Advanced Level Champion 2020
  • The EquiTest Ride Together Yard Scheme Champions 2020
  • The EquiTest Dressage to Music Champion 2020
  • The EquiTest Para Champion 2020
  • The EquiTest Side Saddle Champion 2020
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