Working Trot, Medium Walk, Working Trot Transitions

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Working Trot, Medium Walk transition (one horses length) and proceed to Working Trot

So I asked you to view the short video on the Facebook page showing this movement:

Working Trot, Medium Walk Transition (one horses length) proceed in Working Trot: 

1.British Dressage Judges Test Comments:

Some unsteadiness in the contact, better out = 6.0 (Satisfactory) 

2.The Equitest Feedback Sheet for the Rider:

Nice activity in the trot, just losing the connection between the leg into the contact during the downwards transition but then this improved pushing forwards into the trot.

Next time try to keep your lower leg around him and stay connected between your leg and hand in the downwards transition as well as the upwards trans to improve balance, thoroughness and fluency. = 7.2 (Good Job) 

This is why I designed the Equitest.  It is important to know how a BD judge would judge you but the Equitest is solely judged on the rider’s ability on how well you present the test and also gives you help with how to gain those extra marks.  It explains the areas in your riding which need further development and which areas you have done well.  

That’s 2 ways of being judged, 2 sets of prizes to be won! Helpful feedback with a plan forwards! 

If you become a EquiTest Member you will also receive a plan of action and how to help you achieve your goals, gain confidence, with a progress programme to work through.

Helpful Tutorials to watch: 

  • Trot, Walk, Trot Transitions
  • Medium Walk
  • Connection & Self Carriage 

Try it out and enter today!  As always I’m here to help 🙂 

#bepostitive #judgingwithoutjudgement


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