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Welcome to EQUITEST®!

Hi there! & Welcome to EQUITEST®.

EQUITEST® is a newly relaunched online dressage website and community. Our goal is to make dressage accessible and affordable to riders at all levels without the restrictions of cost, travel and so on.

our new, super easy to use website gives you the ability to compete with us every month with new tests and frequent new launches of new leagues! We are really proud to have created a website with multiple categories and multiple tests, easy access to results and an ever-growing content hub which you will be able to see future posts from this blog page.

So what classes do we offer?

British Dressage

All BD levels from intro to Advanced Medium are available with EQUITEST®, you do not need to be a BD member but tack rules do apply. You can choose 202x40m, 20x60m or Freestyle to Music. All tests other than Freestyle To Music change every month.


Open to members of the Veteran Horse Society for horses and ponies aged 15 years and up. Our VHS classes go from Intro to the Open League. All tests change every month.


Open to members of the Retraining of Racehorses charity. You must be a member of RoR to compete in the leagues. Tests are available from Intro to Elementary. All tests change every month.


Our very own tests available through FREE download PDFs. From Foundation to Elementary

Ride Together Yard Scheme

This is our group competition class and the perfect opportunity to get into the arena with your yard buddies and enter in BD classes as a group. You can compete in a team of up to 4 people, and can all enter at different levels to each other, or all at the same.

How do I compete?

It's super easy to compete with EQUITEST®!

First, pick your class and then pick your test in the drop down box options. not forgetting to enter the horse's name and membership number where applicable.

Next, proceed to the checkout.

Once you've got your entry you're ready to go! When riding your test make sure you state your name, the horse's name and the test you are riding at the beginning of the recording and then proceed to film from c.

Upload your video to YouTube (a tutorial can be found on our about page)

Send us the link to your test before 4pm on the 30th of the month you have entered!

By the 2nd of the month you will see your results on our website and notified through social and email that they are available.

We are so excited to be continuouly launching not only new tests each month but new leagues throughout 2023 as well, so keep your eyes peeled! Our next new addition launches in April!

For any questions on tests or competing with us, feel free to contact us on social, through our website or via email

happy riding!


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