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Compete in British Dressage Freestyle to Music with EQUITEST®! 


As this is a freestyle class, only 1 test exists per level.  You are able to enter more than once per month using a different level of test. 


This product is for a either a 20x40m or a 20x60m arena. 


You do not need to be a member of BD to enter in this class but BD tack rules do apply. Please read our guide on the policy page. 


When recording, please state your name, the horses name and the test you are entering at the beginning of your video and record from C. 


Your test will be marked by a BD List 1 judge, with results published on the 2nd of the month following your purchase. 


Your test does not include any feedback or rider coaching but we do have some incredible products for just that! Check our our Instant Feedback product which gives you personalised feedback within 48 hours of your test submission sent directly to you on whatsapp! 



British Dressage Freestyle to Music 20x60m

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